• Mr P, Please Play with Me!

    12 Jan 2021 by

    What can I say, I was bored and chatting with Mr P so decided to have a bit of fun and make a little slideshow to tease him. Dedicated to my friend and SL neighbor Mr P, most people will know him as JPeabody. Ooops, I think I spelt come wrong. oh well…….. giggles. JP… Read more

  • The Offering

    17 Sep 2019 by

    Written by Mareth . I walk willingly into the room. I see before me a single chair and small round table, upon it a glass of wine, alongside a crop, my leash and vintage lamp. Beyond the lamps subtle lighting under a dimmed spotlight, a rug with several pillows. The remnants of the room is… Read more

  • The Triskelion

    10 Sep 2019 by

    Written by Amberle . As light cycles from day to nightThe darkness shifts from east to westThe lights of night emanate from high in the skyThe moon and stars, they are our guide I turn to face the western watersThe gentle breeze sweeps thy faceThe tranquil sounds of the seaTis broken only by thy Brigantine’s… Read more

  • Embracing The Darkness

    7 Sep 2019 by

    Written by Amberle . I Kneel within the meridian of the henge My head lowered before the goddess My hands poised on my lap Up turned as an offering My body stripped of cloth The zenith of the coven Runic symbols etched along thy arms Blood weeps form thy skin Life’s essence exuding from thy… Read more

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